How Do I Tell If My Dog’s Stitches Are Infected? What Should I Do If They Are?

I saw a question posted, and I wanted to answer it, but can’t find it. I was just going thru the same thing. I just got my dog neutered at one of the local “inexpensive” places called SNAP. I heard good things about them from several people including some who worked for the SPCA.
ANYWAY, I went out of town and left my dog at my mother’s house with her and my brother with very specific instructions. Of course they did not follow them and my brother had no clue what my dog was doing (if he was licking them or not), Needless to say they did NOT put the e collar on him (the lamp shade looking thing).
He ended up licking his stitches and they got infected. Unfortunately, I live in Houston, and b/c of the hurricane the places where I was supposed to take him if they got infected were either hours of wait or closed b/c of damage.
SORRY this is really long. SO i asked advice of a girl who comes into my gym to work out (her father is a vet). She advised me to clean it with a lil hydrogen peroxide and put some neosporin on it and put the e collar on.
His stitches when I picked him up were very red and inflamed.
After a day I definitely saw a difference…after 3 days they look great!
If anyone has anything to add please let me know. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get thru to the places I’m supposed to take him to b/c phone lines are still down, electricity is still out in several areas. I am keeping a close eye on them. Please let me know if there is more that I can do without the help I need, b/c i can’t get to it.

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4 thoughts on “How Do I Tell If My Dog’s Stitches Are Infected? What Should I Do If They Are?

  1. patricia

    You’ve done the cleaning with the hydrogen peroxide and that should be all you need to use that .You use this only to clean out and do not continue its use..Continue to use the neosporin if it is working.Sounds like everything is doing well.As long as there isn’t any pus coming out and the incision is still intact with the stitches your dog should be fine.

  2. Funny Fight Videos

    Well, I’ve noticed that stitches are always red and imflammed the first few days. Inflammation means the body is paying attention to that area, either trying to heal it or fight infection.
    Is there a vet clinic, even one that is a few hours away, that you can drive to, just in case?? One that is out of the hurrican damaged area?

  3. tenebris

    Former Vet Tech.
    1. DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. It DAMAGES the tissue. It does not promote the healing process. USE BETADINE.
    2. Neomycin topical antibiotics are best on the site.
    3. Make sure he is not ripping the sutures out one by one.
    4. If it is red and “angry” continue with the e-collar, neomycin, and clean with cool water or betadine only. Not alcohol or peroxide.